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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> good friday afternoon. i am in for michelle and frank. the catholic church in san francisco has a new leader and reaffirms the churches' position against same-sex marriage. the archbishop is retiring on october 4th. the new archbishop will be installed in his place and he told cbs 5 reporter patrick said the zero that the church will do all it can to preserve of marriage. >> as i keep emphasizing, marriage between a man and woman is not against anyone. it is the greatest gift we could give to children, is to connect them with their parents. >> is gay marriage against someone? is that against anyone? >> same-sex marriage will have consequences detrimental to the good of society. >> he is currently bishop of oakland and also the chairman of the subcommittee on the promotion of the defense of
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marriage of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. a warning for chic-fil-a " don't come any closer " the mayor of san francisco is the third to come out against a popular restaurant chain and its stance against same-sex marriage as ann mackovic shows us, the flap over food and love is growing. >> getting messages from people saying that this is so bad, mayor, could you speak up for the city of san francisco? so that is what i did. >> the mayor speaking out against chic-fil-a after its president spoke out against same-sex marriage. >> i'm for freedom of expression and people and say what it wants but it just seems like they have gone out of their way to challenge people that they on this early to not have to. >> the restaurant was founded in georgia on southern baptist principles. right now there is a chic-fil-a in fairfield and branches will open in san jose in august and a walnut creek in september. last night merely put on twitter " i strongly recommend that they
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not try to come any closer ". he is just the latest mayor to speak out against the chain. the mayors of boston and chicago did so days ago and the mayor of new york disagrees with them saying that the flap is none of the government's business. dozens of protesters came to the grand opening of at the restaurant in laguna beach. part of a growing backlash, one christian radio host calls a " disturbing ". >> it seems like these are bullying tactics. diversity is celebrated, provided that you are telling the line of the radical left. >> the company says that a treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect, regardless of their race, sexual orientation or gender ". rick santorum is sticking up for them. >> there's no record of discrimination. this is the kind of stuff that you see in countries that don't have freedom. >> mayor ed lee says he is not
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planning to actively block chic- fil-a. >> it is about values and i am proud to say that i represent san fransisco values. >> national conservative leaders are asking for a national appreciation day for chic-fil-a next week while gay-rights activists are calling for a " kiss in " in protest. >> in the last half-hour, our affiliate extortion in georgia reported that the vice president of public relations at chic-fil- a has died from a heart attack. the company just released a statement saying that he was with that company for 29 years. and in related news, the ceo of amazon .com and his wife are putting their support behind gay marriage. they are donating to end a half million dollars to preserve washington same-sex marriage lock. a company spokesperson called it a personal decision. the gift means that campaigners have raised more than $5 million to defend the washington law against a referendum.
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and when budget problems threaten to closed at state parks donors rally to keep them open but little did they know that the state parks department had millions stashed away. now cate caugurian shows us that some of those groups want their money back. >> donors to the california state parks are saying " we take it forward, so you need to pay it back ". >> if this $20 million was being collected from visitors, and was not being distributed back to state parks, that is deplorable. >> what is different here is that they do not want the money back for the group, a back into the parks. >> this is obviously money that was provided by the california citizenry for the state parks. it makes no sense that this money should not go back to the california parks particularly in these tough times. >> this is one of many nonprofits and donors that bill out state parks when they faced the threat of closure and now this group is offering a new threat, if lawmakers don't abide >> we will dissolve the
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agreement immediately and ask for the additional 207 $9,000 back. >> the state parks director resigned last week after reports of $54 million in so-called hidden accounts was discovered. governor jerry brown says that leaders wanted to come clean with the findings and now an investigation is underway. the senate governor gavin newsom spoke with phil matier on the subject. >> it is 8 narrative counter to being fiscally prudent at a time when you're asking the public sector to step in and support from closure. >> at this point state leaders say that there's no evidence the money was stolen or embezzled. you can watch more of that interview with lt. gov. gavin newsom on sunday at 7:30 p.m. on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. in san jose, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> the mercury news found that other state funds for millions could be hiding, a fund to give restitution to violent crime victims could hold an extra $29 million.
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$30 million might be hiding in a fund to get low-cost health insurance for kids and $113 million may be in the state's recycling fund. the families of five people that died in the 2010's and bring a pipeline explosion have settled lawsuits with pg&e. the terms of the deals with two families are being kept confidential. pg&e says that they expect to spend more than $200 million to settle a lawsuit filed in the wake of the explosion. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed. new details about the man that police say committed a double murder this week in san jose. police believe that he shot two people at a house on north seventh street on monday morning. they think that he is now headed to southern california, he might be driving a black nissan maxima like the one to cheer. the car's license plate is six t i w 691. the suspect may be trying to get to mexico. this morning police had to evacuate homes on a san leandro
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street where a truck caught fire. the wheels had been stolen a few days ago and a pickup was on cinderblocks. and then the fire reduced it to a shell. no one was hurt and police are calling the fire on toledo street " suspicious ". and look at what happened overnight in san fransisco, a broken fire hydrant spewed water into the air at castro and henry streets. a suspected drunk driver hit a hydrant just before 2:00 a.m. and water gushed for about three hours before they could catch it. you not need gps to find gilroy, just follow the aroma to where lawrence karnow is live. at the gilroy garlic festival. >> they have been here since 430 am and we have great garlic bread, tons and tons of garlic bread. if you look over here, the chefs are putting on quite a display, they literally have a crowd gathered around to watch them to what they do best and that is cooked up tasty garlic treats. i will tell you what, it started
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out 40 this morning but cleared out very nicely, mostly sunny skies and the valleys are looking good. plenty of sunshine showing up in land. a fog has pulled back into the coastline and is hanging out inside of the day. a little bit cool in those spots, but it is getting hot here in gilroy. they're letting things up behind me but around the bay area, cooler around the coastline. 50's along the coast and warmer weather in lent. it looks like we're going to have a hot weekend we will have more on your weekend forecast including the garlic festival coming up in just a bit. >> the hardest working man in show business. we have a ct to what the bay bridge will look at at night. they turned the lights on so that we could get a glimpse of the future. the new eastern spam has 48,000 specially designed lights that are installed in more than 1500 the lighting fixtures. >> we hope that it will set the standard for the way to let other bridges in the future.
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>> this is a very special place on earth. i think anyone from the bay area gets that. >> the new part of the bay bridge is expected to open next year, 11 years after construction began. social boom bust? facebook stock takes a dive after reporting earnings. plus, of stage? the president makes a major announcement about israel on the eve of the visit of mitt romney to that country. >> at the start of the summer games, i have all the details coming up. >> in your wardrobe can offer you extra layer of some,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's check in to see how
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stocks are doing in the closing hour of trading. the dow up more than 200, that is 1.6%. the reason why it is doing so well is because there is good news about the euro. but the economic growth slowed in the second quarter as businesses and consumers pull back on spending. investors dislike facebook today. shares of the company are at a new low after a disappointing profit reports. the first report of a public company. in it facebook said that the growth had slowed from previous years and at last look, facebook shares were down more than 11.5% to it today alone. the u.s. is sending more military money to israel. the president signed what is called the u.s./isreal anna hanson securities corporation act meant to help them defend themselves against potential threats in the middle east. the bill will pay for israel military training and other defense support. mitt romney says that president
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obama has hurt relations. the summer olympics arrived with opening ceremonies set to begin within the hour. presidential hopeful and the first lady are among the world leaders visiting the british capital. monicker reports from london. >> london's famous landmark big ben ran to mark the opening day of the summer games. british officials chimed in to offer reassurance that london is ready. >> when there are things that don't go according to plan, london will cope in the way it always has. >> seconds later one of those on planned moments happened. the mayor of london market mitt romney, for questioning britain's ability to stage a trouble-free olympics. >> i hear that there's a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we are ready, you want to know whether we are ready. are we ready? >> competitors will get some
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down time also. this is the family home for team usa where america's athletes get to spend time with their mothers who are among the biggest olympic fans. >> it is just exciting. >> she is mother to the u.s. swimming sensation. >> i am not sure that he is confident that he will get the gold. but he is confident that he is ready to swim. >> first lady michelle obama was representing united states met with american athletes. >> my first in person olympics which is why i am like a wide- eyed kid. >> she posed for photographs with the libyans and give them advice. >> try to have fun and breathe a little bit. but also win, right? winning is good in the end. >> more than 500 americans will be among 10,000 athletes will compete over the next two weeks. cbs news, london. >> coming up, certain kinds of clothing provide sunscreen like protection. the fabrics and colors that have an spf of 50.
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and a storm ripped through the northeast, a look at the shocking light show. and lawrence karnow is live in gilroy. >> the music is blaring, the crowds have been screaming and the garlic has been cooking out at this festival, it is a great, ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. and always have. so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen
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>> power outages stretch from
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new york to people in ohio, connecticut, and pennsylvania last night, all because of this. one giant storm system. thousands had to break out candles when power was cut to homes in new york city. power crews were working hard to turn the power back on. it has been used by humans for 6000 years but garlic has probably never been consumed with as much gusto as shown by lawrence karnow who has been at the gilroy garlic festival since 4:00 a.m.. >> it is a good time. people are having a great time, they just opened up 10:00 a.m., i am here with steve who was here even before i was and you were here all weekend long? >> all weekend long, 45 hours in three days. >> tell us what your cooking up. >> this is calamari. we're ready to burn some right now. a fire in the hole!. >> you can hear that. the crowd loves that. lots of flames and fun out here,
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and you guys will cooked a lot of this are like? >> we will cut about 4,000 lbs. of calamari and shrimp over the course of three days. >> be honest, have you ever lost an eyebrow doing this? >> not yet. >> they're still there!. if you want to get out here this is a great weekend to do it. not too hot around the bay area but still you have mild temperatures outside, low '80s at the warm spots as a major way out to the coastline, those temperatures will be much cooler. patchy fog lingering with '50s and '60s. the weekend has big changes with a ridge of high pressure building in an dimeters really beginning to heat up outside. and it looks like it is going to be much warmer, especially in many spots in land. the rich will continue to build in and it will bring with it numbers in the '80s. inside of the day we will find '60s and '70s. a slow burn off keeping temperatures down along the coastline. it is going to stay cool, but we're looking very good as we
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head into the next few days. if you have weakened plans, we're talking about very nice weather indeed. less fog and more sunshine with temperatures in the hot side, 80s and 90s but looking like great weather if you want to come out to the garlic festival. plenty of sunshine. sometimes you see triple digits this time of the year. it does not look like that this will happen this weekend. a beautiful weekend. and have everything. they have garlic everything that you can imagine. >> we have alligator, crawdads, cattle corn, everything here in the alley. >> i could use some garlic coffee, what do you think? >> your wish is our command. >> that is what i like. a team player. if you want to come on down, i know that this is your old stomping grounds and it is a great time to come out and enjoy. >> once i did spend some of my high school years in gilroy but i ha never figured out, what
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is the fuel that they used to create the flames and wire the doing that exactly? >> i know that they're doing it for a crowd pleaser because the crowd is screaming. steve, really quick, what is the stuff that you put on here to flame up? >> it the olive oil that starts off and then the liquid that is in the calamari, as soon as it hits the oil, it ignites. >> very good, thank you very much. you have a good weekend, that solves the mystery, back to you. >> you did a great job, a figure much. for sun protection you should look for the spf number on lotions and sprays but how about the colors of your clothing? dr. kim shows us why that is important also. >> too much fun in the sun may lead to a painful sunburnt which can last for days or even land you in the hospital. what to do? do not get blew over a sunburn, where blue instead. in addition to sunscreen, the color of your clothing can add another layer of protection against damaging uv rays.
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>> today's tip of the day will be broccoli crowns. i walk through the market and see beautiful broccoli on the market. you can see the ice, that is how broccoli is transported. they are transported in refrigerated trucks with ice, that to keep them cold. so at home when you bring them home, you do not need to put the ice in the bag and put them in the refrigerator run away because they give off so much natural heat that you need to suppress that heat. in the refrigerator and open up that bag. corinne all around, free from yellowing. nice and tender right here. and like i said, in the refrigerator asap. incredible nutritional value, it
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is a super food. so buy them and enjoy them. especially the crowns, there's no waste here. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> ♪ this is crazy >> carly rate jeff since made a olympic tribute video and that is how they unwind in france. it is picked up more than half a million views on youtube. and that is the cbs news at noon. frank and michelle are back nex,
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>> hope: our wedding day, and he's touching steffy like that. (sighs) how could he do this? >> steffy: you're staring. >> liam: i'm waiting for you to say this is all a mistake. >> steffy: what is-- our divorce or your marriage to hope? >> liam: (scoffs) no, what madison just e-mailed about marcus.


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